Mac terminal commands delete trash

How to force the trash to empty on a Mac using Terminal

You can also press Command-Option-Shift-Delete to bypass it. Apple advises in a support note a series of actions you should take, that can be summarized as a cascading order. Try an item and then try to use Empty Trash:. You can also use the Terminal command lsof , which tracks all files in use by even the lowest of low-level parts of the system.

How to empty trash on a Mac

In Terminal, type lsof grep -i followed by a space and part of the file name, and see if it shows what app or system component still has its hooks in. You can read more about lsof in this previous Mac column.

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Select one or more files in the Trash and Control-click. Select Delete Immediately and confirm the deletion. Email yours to mac macworld. I've heard that sometimes a Snow Leopard upgrade accidentally sets this option. You will hear the trash emptying sound, but the trash does not get emptied.

Also, when browsing Finder in root mode doesn't show the hidden files and folders, even if you have enabled this option in your own user account. Following Chealion's rm command with the asterisk at the end didn't seem to work for me. Perhaps it was due to the double quotation marks at the ends; perhaps it needed the backslash format as demonstrated below.

How to Force Empty the Trash on Mac 2016! Remove Stuck Files!

Instead, I had to manually add the folder name; in my case:. I didn't have much luck with chown or cp under sudo either Instructions on editing your bash files are here. One benefit of using a bash function, apart from being easy to remember, is that you won't fat finger the rm -rf command. Note, that depending on the content of your trash you may only be able to empty the trash as root - hence the sudo.

How To Force Empty Trash On Mac Using Terminal

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Part 2. How to Empty Trash via Terminal

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How To Force Empty Trash On Mac Using Terminal

Gaff Josh Hunt Josh Hunt And why does it take so long in the first place anyway? Thilo: The Finder does some extra work of deleting files from all the devices attached to a computer, overriding permissions if necessary using a subprocess called Locum , file stats, among others. Chealion Chealion I didn't have to use sudo.