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After restaring Illustrator, the fonts should be available. You can of course also install these fonts system-wide using Font Book, but there is no advantage in that unless you plan to use TeX fonts outside of Illustrator.

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Since some of the more infrequent font sizes are missing among the TeX-Illustrator fonts, it may be necessary to add the following in the preamble of your LaTeX file: This is still not perfect: But this seems to be the best we can do with the available Computer Modern fonts. Among the fonts installed by this set of files are the ones used by the Euler package. Both latex and pdflatex produce output that maintains its appearance in Illustrator CS2.

The picture on the right shows an example of Euler font, composed using LaTeXit. Once you're done editing in Illustrator, converting all text to outline is probably advisable in any case to be on the safe side if you want to send an Illustrator file with LaTeX annotation to someone else.

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Select all artwork, then go to Illustrator's Type Menu to perform this conversion. This will insure that your figure will display text in the same style even on systems that don't have the above LaTeX fonts installed. For LaTeX documents with lots of styles and options loaded, it's quite likely that an arbitrarily selected PDF clipping will still encounter font substitution problems in Illustrator, but at least the steps described above should give good results if you trim down the LaTeX source code enough.

After all, we are talking mainly about annotating illustrations here and not about assimilating whole papers into Illustrator , and within that limited context you should be fine with what we have at this point. If not, go back to the quick fix.

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There are many other graphics programs. A good place to find out what's available and which technologies are being developed: Here are my favorite free graphics programs:. After a long hiatus, development of Seashore has picked up again in , so I recommend taking a look at it, though I personally use Gimp instead of Seashore. If you are still using it, you may also want to have a look at a separate page where I explain how transparency works in Seashore. Its user interface is superficially like that of Inkscape, but it may be preferable to some people because its smaller feature set and platform independence makes it more manageable.

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The editor supports layers, can import bitmap images and can export as a baseencoded string. However, the easiest way to import and export SVG images in this program is to click the SVG source view and copy the verbatim source code to and from an editor such as emacs.

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CS4 and 5 wouldn't let you do it like the PC. It was the only thing I hated about moving to the Mac with Adobe products. However, with CS6, it's fixed and you can scroll through them all you want, just like on the PC. If you go in that menu and highlight the font Show Ignored Content Loading Similar Threads - Easy preview text Font Help Fonts and Typography Replies: Brilliant, cheers!

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